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What is
Created by mod makers, SMM is a better workshop for everything the Steam Workshop supports + more mod types + general tools, scripts, tutorials, and everything you need to get started playing with mods and/or making mods.
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Your Relation with SMM (Terms of Service)
SMM is SMM, and is not Google, Steam, Axolot, or Scrap Mechanic. You agree to let SMM handle your uploaded content as SMM sees fit.
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The short answer is that web hosting isn't free. But then I also got the idea of ad revenue for mod makers. And what about ad blocker?
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Cookies are a part of internet browsers that allow you to stay logged into websites when you visit several different pages and in general, store information.
Details about the cookies on SMM
SMM uses your Steam account information when you log in and upload content. For a full details on the information SMM gets from Steam Web API, and which info SMM uses:
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What is?
SMM is the place for all things that modify Scrap Mechanic. SMM is here to make modding Scrap Mechanic easy and fun, for both players and mod makers :)
Tools and Scripts?
There are several goodies that many people have made, such as blueprint editing tools, part replacement scripts, custom paint colors tool, controller speed boost tool, and more! SMM has all the goodies in one convenient spot for mod makers and players alike! Have you made a tool that mod makers or players can use? Submit it into SMM!
Every month we're doing a giveaway for Scrap Mechanic on Steam! Click here for more info. Every month there's a new mechanic in the world :)
You offer downloads to anyone? What about people who pirated the game?
We understand that some of the people who come here to download mods, may not have purchased the game on Steam. Websites like this one can make certain choices to make it harder for pirates to enjoy playing with mods...but that's kind of lame (similar to the adblocker thing). And in general it's more difficult to play with mods outside of the Steam workshop
Now this doesn't mean we support piracy by freely providing mods to whoever wants them (Steam or not), especially of the game we love to play and modify. And that's mostly the reason for the giveaways once a month:
Not only is SMM the best place to get all the mods you want; it's also the only place (afaik) where pirates change into real mechanics on a regular basis. The entire point of this place is to enjoy the game in the way you want to play; that means all of us.
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If you want to directly support what SMM is doing, you can become a Patreon supporter and get access to exclusive supporter goodies!
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Contact SMM
If there's a problem that needs to be dealt with ASAP, or you just wanna say "hi", email us at
Legal Disclaimer
The ScrapMechanicMods website has no affiliation with Google, Steam, Axolot games, or Scrap Mechanic, and is independently owned. Made by Durf.

Terms of Service

By using ScrapMechanicMods, you agree to the following:
  • SMM's use of cookies (as described on this page)
  • SMM's use of your Steam profile information from Steam Web API (as described on this page)
  • SMM's use of your uploaded content (as described on this page)
  • Any content you upload publicly will be available to the anyone on the internet without a requiring a login
  • SMM is not obligated to use, distribute, or continue to distribute any uploaded content and reserves the right, but not the obligation, to restrict or remove uploaded content for any reason
  • You will not deliberately cause damage or disrupt the services of SMM, and should any error or exploit be found, you are to report it to SMM immediately
  • If you remove any content from SMM's public distribution, SMM will no longer have the rights to store or distribute your content, under the conditions that your removal will not affect the rights of anyone who has already obtained access to a copy of your content
  • You are not entitled to any specific service or compensation from SMM
  • Any and all ad revenue come from your personal Google Adsense account, and is not affiliated with SMM and SMM is not responsible for your ad revenue, rates, payouts, etc (that's all in your Google Adsense account, not on SMM)
  • SMM has no obligation or responsibility towards you or your content (legally speaking); you agree not to hold SMM liable for loss or damages (if that ever happens), or any of SMM's usage of your content not covered by this page.
  • Finally, by submitting your content to SMM, you agree that players are given your content freely upon request - AND that portions of your content be reused to create other content. Specifically, you agree that any content you submit for use with the modpack builder will be publicly available for others to use as well (parts distribution instead of pack distribution; same agreement, just on a part-by-part basis)
Don't worry; all this legalese might seem scary, but this simple agreement protects SMM from some assumed responsibilities in a court room setting. This agreement just makes some statements about the nature of SMM that (if you are not aware of) could lead to some confusion. This section is to clarify for you, SMM's liability.


Why put ads on SMM?
In the beginning, SMM was just a simple website to download some very outdated mods. I wanted to see what the potential this idea had, so I created a beta website as a test. The beta website, despite having only outdated mods at this point, is still getting enough traffic to pay for itself. This means the beta was a success, and now it's time to make the real deal. So SMM just needs enough traffic to the website for the advertisements to generate enough revenue to pay for the website hosting that SMM uses. Now here's where it gets interesting... The beta website has outdated mods, yet still gets enough passive traffic from random Google searches to pay for the entire hosting. So a fully updated main website should generate even more, right? SMM will be able to share this with all the mod makers who have worked so hard to make Scrap Mechanic a better experience with their mods, with Ad Revenue.
Did you say Ad Revenue? Like YouTube?
I did say that. Although you shouldn't expect much; this very clearly depends on how much traffic your content gets. How it works: when you login, you can go to your user settings and there will be a section where you can enter in your Google Adsense "ad unit" number. Then anytime someone visits any of your stuff on SMM, the ads on that page will be for your Google Adsense account (giving you access to those analytics as well! Super convenient for both SMM and you! Thanks Google!). Don't get me wrong, I like the Steam Workshop...who doesn't? But people spend hours to create content, and Steam doesn't even offer an option to for any revenue or donations. This is a simple way to earn revenue without having to charge anyone for your stuff :)
What about AdBlocker?
As a website creator, it is possible for me to create an "adblock detector" before the page even loads in your browser. I can choose to change the page depending if the visitor uses adblocker or not (such as disabling downloads if they have adblocker)... But why would I do that? That's just a lame thing to do.
Similarly, if the visitor understands that mod makers work hard to create the content they do, then it's a lame thing to use an adblocker and deny the support that mod makers deserve. Furthermore, the advertisements used on SMM are from Google and will NEVER be intrusive, there will NEVER be any pop up ads or anything annoying. There is ONLY a top right ad, and a bottom of page ad, that's it.
Bottom line: if you really can't handle having those pixels display an ad to support your local mod maker...then fine, use ad blocker if you want. I'm not going to stop you - the point of SMM is to have fun playing the game in the way you want. You can visit this website in the way you want / you can choose to support mod makers in the way that you want
Ad-Free SMM?
Yes. That's great. Perhaps if SMM gets enough Patreon support, then it can go 100% advertisement-free...but then what about the mod makers ad revenue? We'll see how things are in the future and we'll decide together as a community, but for now there are bills to pay.


ScrapMechanicMods cookies:
This website uses a cookie to keep you logged in, and at least a couple other features that store less 1 kb of data in localStorage as well. These are just things to customize your experience on SMM (like disable the "first time using mods" notice on the main page since it's not your first time anymore).
Google cookies:
Other than that, there will be some cookies by Google related to the advertisements that display on the page. Google tries to show you an ad you're likely to want to see, instead of something you have no interest in. Google has a network of information just from the ads on all the websites you visit. Google knows which ads from which websites your "id" asked for, and so it stores that information in a type of cookie that Google ads can get access to; to try to get ads for things it already knows you like, or things with similar attributes in a Google search. TL;DR: SMM uses very common Google cookies, just like every website that has ads from Google - you control your google privacy settings and advertisement suggestions from your account, like disabling personalized ads. SMM cannot access any of the Google cookie information

Privacy Policy

ScrapMechanicMods has a privacy policy?
First, if you haven't checked out the section on cookies then you should check that out to see what information cookies even use.
What is "privacy" on the internet?
Any website you visit should have a public policy on how it uses the information about your visit. To be clear, anytime you browse the internet, you carry a lot of information with you (possibly without even knowing about it), like the type of browser you're using (which indicates which device you're using, among other things), your IP address, etc. This worries some people, and that's why VPN services are so popular lately. But ultimately these are all the things that need to exist for you to use the internet itself (to connect to a website, it goes through many IP addresses for your computer to reach the website server). "Privacy" is the idea that websites shouldn't track this kind of information, period. Doesn't matter if a website actually needs to use this information to even function correctly. As you might be able to tell, these philosophies contradict each other: privacy is not transmitting any data...but to use the internet, you need to send data :/
Okay so what about ScrapMechanicMods?
Luckily, because SMM uses the Steam login, I didn't have to do a bunch of the work web devs normally have to, to setup login systems. That also means that Steam is the one tracking most of your information, and SMM only has access to the information Steam provides to SMM about your account.
Steam Web API Terms of Use
ScrapMechanicMods uses Steam Web API for the login system, and is bound by these terms found here
Things the API can look at:
  • steamid The user's unique SteamID
  • communityvisibilitystate Is the profile public or private?
  • profilestate Is the community profile setup?
  • personaname Their current set profile name
  • lastlogoff Last time the user was online in unix time
  • profileurl The URL to their Steam profile
  • avatar The image URL to the smallest size of their avatar (32px)
  • avatarmedium The image URL to the medium-sized version of their avatar (64px)
  • avatarfull The image URL to the largest size of their avatar (184px)
  • personastate The user's current state (Online/Busy/Away/Snooze/LTT/LTP)
  • realname The user's "real" name (Steam Account login name)
  • primaryclanid The user's primary group
  • timecreated Account creation in unix time
SMM will only use your avatar, profile name, and Steam id to create an account on SMM. Maybe the Steam Profile URL as well, so people can friend you easily ;)

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