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How to Play with Mods from Scrap Mechanic Mods


I downloaded the ZIP, now what?
All FileMods from this website are very easy to install, and is as simple as extracting the ZIP contents where you installed Scrap Mechanic.
More better instructions click here
I don't want to play with mods anymore. How do I remove the mods?
Steam has a very easy process to revert back to a vanilla installation, without damaging any of your save files (worlds that used mods probably still need those mods to work)
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I want to start making my own mod! Where should I start?
Probably the best way to get started making mods (right now) is to just dive right into the install folder and start browsing the files to see what everything does.
Read more about Modding Tutorials and other resources
I've made a mod! How do I upload it onto SMM?
First you need to sign in with your account. Then there is an upload page that becomes available to you; fill out the form, upload your ZIP, and post your mods for others to see!
Details about uploading your mod to SMM

Installing Mods

Video Tutorial:

Step by Step Instructions:

Okay, so I have the ZIP file, now what?

  1. Open your Scrap Mechanic installation folder.
    From your Steam Library, right-click on Scrap Mechanic and hover over the "Manage" option,
    and select "Browse Local Files" to open your Scrap Mechanic folder.
  2. Open the downloaded mod ZIP file, to see some folder/files inside.
  3. Select everything inside the ZIP file, and drag and drop the selection into your Scrap Mechanic installation folder.
    Merge all folders when asked, and overwrite all files when asked.
And that's it!
Note: installing and uninstalling mods do not effect your save files or blueprints; however any saves or blueprints that used mods will probably require those mods if you want to play with them again.
Also keep in mind that not all mods are compatible with each other. If incompatible mods are installed together, then some features of one or more of the mods may stop working.
You can check which mods are compatible with each other before installing, right here on SMM. Check out the Mod Compatibility Checker!

Uninstalling Mods

Video Tutorial:

Coming Soon..

Step by Step Instructions:

No more mods! How do I uninstall mods?
Note, that this does NOT effect your save files or blueprints, and you will not lose those files.

  1. From your Steam Library, right-click on Scrap Mechanic and choose "Properties"
  2. From the properties menu, choose the "Local Files" tab, and click the "Verify Integrity of Game Files" button.
And that's it!
This will revert your Scrap Mechanic installation back to a default, fresh installation from Steam.

Yarr Harr What about Me?
If you have a cracked installation of Scrap Mechanic, then you already know where you have your installation folder.
The same process applies, simply delete your installation of Scrap Mechanic (to clear modded files), and then reinstall the game.

Like the other method, your save files and blueprints are safe, as they belong in another folder in your computer (appdata).

Making Mods

YouTube Playlist "How To Make Mods":

This playlist will be updated as SMM posts videos.

Also we have a lovely community of mod makers in our Discord that can help answer any questions to get you started.

Uploading Mods

Video Tutorial:

Coming Soon..

Step by Step Instructions:

How do I upload my mods?
Note, that this website is under active development and the upload process may change in the future. (written: 29th July 2020)

  1. Login to SMM! There is a sign in link at the top right, and directs you to a "Log in via Steam" function on Steam.
  2. When you are logged into SMM, a new upload button appears for you near the top right. Click that button to go to the upload page.
  3. On the upload page (keep in mind it is very basic right now), you enter the basic information like Title, Description, Tags, etc.
  4. There are two "browse for files" areas on the form. One is for the ZIP file for your mod,
    and the other is for any images you want to include as a gallery for your mod's info page.
  5. Select the ZIP for your mod.
    Make sure that your ZIP is structured for the top-level of Scrap Mechanic installation, for easy installation and mod loader compatibility.
    If you are unsure what that means exactly, look at the mods available on this website as an example:
    Not all mod ZIPs look the same, because they require different files.
    Each ZIP will have at least a "Data" folder, a "Survival" folder, a "ChallengeData" folder, and/or "Challenges" folder. (Not a "Scrap Mechanic" folder, or any other subfolders)
  6. Selecting Images is recommended, but optional.
    Currently the upload form is a little janky, and the first image you choose will be the thumbnail for the mod. So the easiest thing to do is select one image to ensure it is the thumbnail.
    However, when selecting images, you can select as many as you like, and (while holding CTRL) select the images in the order you want to upload them (so the first image is the thumbnail).
    For now, there isn't a good editing page available for uploaded mods, so the mod you upload is permanent for the most part.
    Mod makers will be able to edit their uploads soon, including changing title, desc, tags, updating the ZIP to a new upgrade, or for game version, adding/removing images, changing thumbnail, etc.
    Soon™ better upload and editing features will be available. For now, you might want to stick with one image, just the main thumbnail; until the upload/edit pages are ready.
  7. With everyting filled out, click the Submit button and wait for your mod to upload! (progress may show up as a browser notification at the bottom left)
And that's it!
You will be directed to a page that notifies you if your mod upload was successful or not, and gives you options to share on social media to celebrate your upload with others.