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Win a FREE copy of Scrap Mechanic!

Win Scrap Mecahnic on Steam for FREE

SMM is giving away 1 copy of Scrap Mechanic on Steam every month! Through your support of SMM, we're able to bring in new mechanics to the game on a regular basis.
Easily Find The Next Giveaway:
This is the page where you can find the giveaway button, available every month. This page auto-updates with the new link as soon as it's available.
How it works:
Entering into the giveaway is pretty straightforward, and requires an active Steam account and email address.
Start by clicking the button down below and follow the on screen instructions for entering into the giveaway via Steam, and other bonus entries.
You can use as many entry methods as you like. Then at the end of the month, one entry is randomly chosen from all the entries.
If you win the giveaway, you will receive an email from SMM with your prize.

Rules & Conditions

  • You must NOT enter the giveaway if you already own Scrap Mechanic on Steam. You would be unable to redeem the prize.
  • You cannot enter the giveaway for anyone else; it is tied to your account only.
  • You can enter for more chances if you have accounts on other SMM services, like this website, our Discord or YouTube.
  • Only 1 prize of Scrap Mechanic is given away each month, unless otherwise stated for that month (special event).

Okay So How Do I Enter?

The previous giveaway just finished and the new giveaway will be posted soon!