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What's Planned for 2020? updated December 11 2020


The New Plan [ updated sept/oct 2020 ]
SMM is going to be a giant database mods:
This means simple FileMods, Part Sets (modpacks), Individual Mod Parts, modded assets, blueprints, challenge sets, all kinds of stuff for Scrap Mechanic modding.
From all these databases, it is much easier to do amazing things with all these mods: Generate custom inventory for survival mode, crafting recipe, trading, translate parts and add language support for the community, etc. So many useful things, just because the mods are stored in a database we can design ourselves.
So the basic idea is mod makers will maintain their parts on a part-by-part basis, making it easier to update small changes over time, and it will be much easier for other mod makers to upload their own assets, such as models, textures, scripts, etc; making collaborations much easier to start and maintain over time, leading to overall better quality mods for players.
Additionally, SMM will host blueprints and other game files. With blueprints having a list of UUIDs right in them, they can be used to generate a list of mod parts needed to load it in game (making long lists of many blueprints, very very easy to load)
SMM will also work towards additional tools to make things easier for everyone, for all things Scrap Mechanic!
The Backup Plan
Let's say everything goes wrong.. The bare minimum: this website is simply a hosting site for data folder mods (FileMods) and all the various tools and scripts created by various people. All in all, this website will always have a purpose, even if it's not the one I specifically envisioned. This place will always have a use as the place to get mods that you can't find a category for on the Steam Workshop.
The End?
A lot of this is being created because it's become increasingly difficult for mod makers to make the stuff you guys like, and to keep it maintained. There aren't a lot of options when it comes to the Steam workshop, especially for those who collaborate on projects together.
Regardless of the outcome of this website (presumably it finishes being developed sometime in 2020), New plan or Backup plan; This will free a lot of time. I get SO busy with the Modpack updates, that I literally can't do anything else at times. There are lots of new parts I want to be making, and they simply can't exist on the Steam workshop so easily.
So I'm creating the easy solution for everyone (this website) just so I can get back to doing more productive things (like making video tutorials for other people to get into mod making, and making fancy tools and stuff + this takes off the pressure of a "famous modpack" and I can work on making new parts! one part at a time; That also means there is no "modpack" except for what the players decide. Mod makers can deal with it).


To do 🤔

Regular SMM website stuff:
• Update ABOUT page
• Update User Profile Pages
• Better upload pages
• Better page loading and database pagination scripts for all things
• SEARCH FUNCTION & advanced search and filter (for parts, filemods, partsets, etc)
• Karma system called "bearings"
• Make things pretty
Mod Suggestions Page
Post all the details for your idea, and have the community give you feedback, upvote/downvote ideas, and mod makers can take on the ideas and bring them to life! (for bearings ? idea giver + idea maker)
Crafting and Trading Recipe Editor
• Give mod owners the ability to define craftbot and trading hideout recipes for their mod parts
• Give players the ability to override recipes during modpack generation?
• Perhaps a database of many recipes, and the community can vote on which is best / use the owner's recipe
More SMM website stuff:
• Useful resources from other mod makers like blueprints editors
• Other resources on SMM, similar to the paint colors and number logic reference pages
• Other tools related to the content hosted on SMM (i.e: blueprint reference parts)
Blueprints Database
Share and compare blueprints to the SMM parts databse!
ChallengeSets Database?
If SMM lets you play challenge mode with mods, then a database with references to which parts are used for each challenge set, might be useful
Save Files / World Seed Database
Is there a point to this?
Garments Database & Garment Pack Generator
Similar to the parts database and modpack generator - a database to house all custom garments and an easy way for everyone to get ALL the garments in a single garment modpack (no compatibility issues between custom garments)
Part Editor / Creator
Instead of importing a giant pack of parts (from old workshop), it may be easier for mod makers to add parts to the database (with their assets) one at a time. This page would allow you to create a new part, or edit an existing one (swapping out assets and changing up the json if you need to)

In Progress 😩

Number Logic Reference Page
How to Use Mods Reference Page
This Page (todo list, what's next?)
Comments system for "anything" on SMM
Ratings system / likes and dislikes on SMM
ASSETS Database
PARTS Database
Part SETS Database (Generated Modpacks)
Old Modpack IMPORTER TOOL (add workshop parts to SMM DB as an entire set at once)
New Modpack Generator!
Individual Part Language Support Editor / Translator

Done 😅

Basic Website
Basic Resources for SMM
Scrap Mechanic Giveaways by SMM!
Back-end systems additions