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Fawx Garments 0.5.1


Fawx Garments update for 0.5.1.

Thanks to Fawx for letting me update his mod, to TechnologicNick for his tutorial :

This mod add 52 new outfits you'll fined them in rare and epic garment boxes. The most beautiful of them are made by Fawx (new 3D model) the others are made mostly by ZabiMa_SK (80%) and the rest by me.

Installation :

1) Download

2) Open the zip file

3) Extract the 3 files (Cache, Data, Survival) in : SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Scrap Mechanic
(can also be reached by right clicking the game in steam and going 'Manage -> Browse Local Files').

2 month(s) ago
Added Satchel & Elefant Shirt, Lumberjack Hat & Shades, updated Hoarder backpack texture

3 month(s) ago
Modified texture (sunshake)

3 month(s) ago
Added 2 new facial hair, 1 new hairstyle, and some new garments ! (Bot Pincer black and blue, detective jacket, RedWoc Clothes ...) Have fun !

Discutez de cette mise à jour dans la section discussions.

3 month(s) ago

3 month(s) ago
Fixed some things, added some new garments !


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