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The modpack Crafting


the modpack by durf with recipes and the mod craftbot + in one modpack
-please report bugs in the comments
-this mod is gonna be updated when a new update comes in a week time
-if you want a mod added put it in the comments
by debaanmatthew

3 month(s) ago
-added working sunshake machines
-added new recipes to the cookbot
-bugfix the recyclebot was not in the dispenser in the mechanic station

5 month(s) ago

5 month(s) ago
-added craftable sunshake and gravity M

5 month(s) ago

5 month(s) ago

5 month(s) ago

5 month(s) ago

5 month(s) ago

joe lord
2 month(s) ago
can you make this able to be used with the fant mod it would be very cool of you

5 month(s) ago
конфликт модпака и основной игры(


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