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Survival Import



In survival mode, enabling Developer Mode gives you access to commands, including /import and /export, which allow you to import and export blueprints, but /import doesn't require resources, so it's a cheat, this mod does the following:

- Makes /export usable without developer mode
- Adds /build, which works like /import, but you have to have the needed correct items in your inventory/hotbar to import (does not require dev mode)
- Adds /destroy, which destroys a creation and spawns a KO (respawn) bag with your items

- Adds /export, which exports a creation for use in survival mode (Credit to Bottles With Models for this command,
- Adds /import, which imports a creation from survival mode

To install:
1) Download and extract the .zip
2) Exit Scrap Mechanic
3) Open a new file browser window, go to Steam\steamapps\common\Scrap Mechanic
3) Drag the mod files over to the Scrap Mechanic files
5) Click "Replace the files in the destination."
That's it!


Hi, I'm Consolio, or Nova, I just want to say this:
Please don't directly take my code, you can use it for inspiration/learning, just don't copy it.

9 day(s) ago
- added Steve\'s Makerspace\'s video to the description

10 day(s) ago
- export autosave

10 day(s) ago
- added my name and said what you can use it for

11 day(s) ago
- install instructions

11 day(s) ago
- description update

11 day(s) ago
- added message in creative for unspawnable parts

11 day(s) ago
- now checks multiple container items

11 day(s) ago
-joints (bearings, pistons, suspension) are now taken into account

11 day(s) ago
- fixed some problems (hopefully?)

11 day(s) ago
- add /import to creative

11 day(s) ago
- destroy no longer risky :D

11 day(s) ago
- fixed windows being fucky and uploaded the wrong zip

11 day(s) ago
- add /destroy
- add /export

12 day(s) ago
- items are consumed now (apparently there\'s a builtin function for this, i appreciate it axolot)


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