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Working PVP in Scrap Mechanic! - PVP Mod


This mod makes PVP in Scrap Mechanic possible! Who will you fight for?

Full Feature List:

- Hammer does 20 PVP damage

- Spudrifle & Spud Cannon deal 7 PVP damage
- Spudgatling & Spudshotgun deal 4 PVP damage (per bullet)

- No name tags (also in Creative)
- ENGLISH only! Change your game language to English to disable name tags
- Change your game language to NOT English to enable name tags
- Kill messages show attacker and victim

- 100 health instead of 30
- 80 food instead of 30
- 100 water instead of 30

Find People To Play PVP With!
In my Discord[] is a whole category for the PVP to find people to play with, exchange your PVP maps, and share your ideas!

3 year(s) ago


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