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Less grind


This mod has been deprecated
Please download the custom game
Currently there is no way of converting your save to a custom game, so if you started playing before the custom game was released, you will still need to download this deprecated mod.

This mod decreases the grind
Craft components
Trade components
More component kits from chests
A LOT more circuit boards from bots
A LOT more glue clams
More Paint Flowers
More Cotton
Cheaper Vacuum pumps and water cannons

1 year(s) ago

2 year(s) ago
- Deprecated mod

2 year(s) ago

3 year(s) ago
- Added Cotton and Paint

3 year(s) ago
- added contributors

3 year(s) ago

3 year(s) ago
- Added circuit boards and glue clams

3 year(s) ago
- 0.5.1 verified

3 year(s) ago
- 0.5 verified

3 year(s) ago

3 year(s) ago

3 year(s) ago
sry me want say frend make mod

3 year(s) ago
gut a friend maked mod


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