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This mod adds a lot of crafting recipes and some other stuff. This mod adds 244 new recipes to the normal craftbot and the recyclebot (that is also added by this mod) has 82 recipes in it. There is also some stuff added in the hideout. It's not just crafting stuff though. This mod also adds a T-vacuum pipe and higher stacks (for new items in the craftbot as well!). Really useful in many ways. More info in the pictures above!

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To install copy the "Data" and "Survival" folders in the zip into your Scrap Mechanic folder. That's it, you are done!
If you want compatibility with Fant mod then go into the "Compatibility" folder (that is also in the zip, btw don't do this before the mod has been installed normally) and then into "FantMod". Now copy the "Survival" folder from there into your scrap mechanic folder

9 day(s) ago

17 day(s) ago
- The mod is now compatible with 0.5.0+
- Updated compatibility for Fant Mod
- Fixed a few issues/bugs with the recyclebot

2 month(s) ago

3 month(s) ago

3 month(s) ago

3 month(s) ago

3 month(s) ago
- Added a cross-vacuum pipe to the game
- Added a scrap headlight to the game, early game alternative to the normal headlight.
- Added some new recipes to the craftbot, recyclebot and workbench/scrap or mini craftbot
- Made the workbench/scrap or mini craftbot recipe window larger to fit more recipes
- Made the recipegrid in the craftbot bigger to be able to view more recipes at once, makes it easy when you have a lot of recipes in the craftbot.
- Updated compatability with mods, Fant mod should work now
- Prob some other stuff I forgot to add here

4 month(s) ago
Added one space in the description. Very big change ik!

4 month(s) ago
Nothing new, just some updates to the description.

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4 month(s) ago

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