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The Modpack (Survival + Challenge + Creative)


This brings all the Modpack parts into Survival mode and Challenge mode! (also creative)

What's so different about this?
FileMods edit the game installation folder, and parts added that way are added directly to the main game inventory (any game mode!).

This Modpack is a FileMod installation that brings those parts to the trader hideout in the Survival world!
No need for dev mode or unlimited inventory! They're in the game!
This also means the Modpack parts are available in Challenge mode as well!
Finally challenges with wing parts and number logic! That's what I've wanted for the longest time!

This is the first release of "modpack parts in survival mode", and there isn't any effort put into the design and cost of parts.
This is where you guys come in! Have some awesome ideas for how much a math block should cost to trade? or craft?
Definitely let us know! Together, we'll design an awesome experience for Scrap Mechanic! (future updates of these parts will improve, like the cost of trading)

Enjoy! Modpack in Creative, Challenge Mode, AND Survival!

(currently only English support was added - future updates of these parts will include all languages...maybe even klingon)

This mod also includes some LocalBlueprints for use with Dev Mode!
the camera controlled stunt plane, very easy for flying around, uses only modpack parts
just the regular wild jereff, uses modpack and modpack polygon parts (so this needs to be loaded with creative menu mods)
self driving satisfactory delivery truck, uses modpack and modpack polygon parts (needs to be loaded with creative menu mods)

To use LocalBlueprints, use the /import [name] command with dev mode enabled; like /import CCplane

So what's next?
We'll, this is THE LAST MODPACK that I'll be releasing.
One of the hardest things to do with the old Modpack updates, was to decide which parts even belong in which Modpack, and there was always some controversy over some part being in the main pack or not... or some secondary pack.
The solution to that problem is this website!
I'm currently developing the next stage of this website: Assets Database + Individual Parts Database = Modpack Generator.
So with this, all mod makers will be uploading their parts (compatible with challenge mode and survival mode), and then players will come onto the website, browse the available mods, and select their ideal inventories to play with!
There will also be an easy to use system to share specific inventories with others, to easily play with friends using the same parts list!
This also leads to other amazing things: imagine having a blueprint, you have no idea which mods it needs...stick it in this website database, and it can tell you which parts, by which mod makers, and even just spit out a modpack just for loading that blueprint! Guaranteed compatibility! The solutions this website can offer is just amazing.
So for now, this modpack will have to suffice, until I am finished the database and generator, allowing you to recreate this mod with ANY parts that exist.

4 month(s) ago
- added some YouTube links to test the new mod info page and to see changelogs on this page (literally nothing else was changed, it\'s the same mod - you know it\'s the same ZIP because this changelog is not blue)

2 day(s) ago
Is there a way to manually add the mod to the game in its current version?

7 day(s) ago

7 day(s) ago
i done the recipes mod:

9 day(s) ago
Modpack broke some consumables: gasoline,battery,beacon,potatoes,etc...

Please fix it


10 day(s) ago
Sorry I have not updated the Modpack for survival mode in a very long time 😅
I am working on developing this website a little more, and pretty soon there will be a section on the website to contribute recipes for crafting and/or trading
A lot of new functions for creating and managing mods and individual parts; coming Soon™

14 day(s) ago
i find it

14 day(s) ago
where is idlist of items from modpack i want to program crafting recipies and in ScrapMechanic/Survival/script/game/survival_items.lua is only vanila items?

2 month(s) ago
Right now I'm working on developing this website's parts database (which will make it easier for myself and other mod makers to maintain and update their mod parts)
So you can see a very basic example of this in and
With this database of parts and tools to improve parts, it will be easier to create custom modpacks with the exact set of parts you want to play with - fully up to date (because mod makers have less work to do just to update their stuff again)

When 0.4.8 update? Pretty soon, as the database tools are almost ready to start generating custom modpacks again.
To be honest, I'm holding back on updating "the modpack" for 0.4.8, because I personally think the Fant Mod offers more for a survival game than these CREATIVE MODE parts do. It is still possible to do that file loading trick where you load a survival world as a creative world, and you can choose mods from the mod menu to add creative parts (but you can only play with /unlimited dev mode)

Until things with Scrap Mechanic Mod support are easier to work with, my main focus is on projects like this website, instead of the mod parts themselves. And that's just because if I get these tools done sooner, then my future work is also easier and quicker to doing website the first gives a bigger payoff in the long run.

2 month(s) ago
When update to 0.4.8? Else it deletes fuel form game and other naughty stuff

3 month(s) ago
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3 month(s) ago
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3 month(s) ago
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