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Random Woc Eat Speed


This mod changes the default Woc eating duration to a random time, making things seem more natural and less robotic

This mod was VERY easy to make, and is only adding 1 line to 1 file. Super super easy.

This mod is a great example of the many MANY tweaks you can do to the game to improve it. Here's another mod idea if you want to try yourself:
Increase the cost of corn to produce milk, and increase the influence of each corn towards the cost of milk by a random amount (each woc needs a random amount of corn to produce 1 milk, within a range you define)
So this could be that each corn is worth between 2 and 5 (buying power), but the cost of milk production is now 10, so it can take anywhere from 5 corn, or down to just 2 (and this buying power can overflow for the next milk as well)
Mods like this are very easy to do, and do a LOT to change how the game feels more each Woc feels more alive and real.

And stuff like this applies to more than just Wocs!
Could be glow bots... adjustments to farming itself... so many things!

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