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Fawx's Garments


Adds a host of new garments that are unlocked from garment boxes that drop from Haybots and Totebots


- Other mods than alter textures or files that are also used by this mod may caused some custom garments to not work.

- Due to modding limitations, the custom garment boxes currently are a "Rare" garment box. All of the vanilla Rare garments will now be unlocked from "Epic" garment boxes. To balance this, Epic garment boxes will now drop more commonly from golden loot chests.#FFFFFF

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Can I play in multiplayer with people who did not install this mod?

No. Like most mods, your friends will need to have matching mods in order to play together.
But have no fear! If you uninstall this mod and then re-install it again in the future, all of the garments you unlocked previously will remain unlocked for you.

2) How do I uninstall this mod? Or any mod?

The cleanest way to uninstall ALL your mods is to use the "verify integrity" feature in steam, found in the Scrap Mechanic properties in your Steam Library.


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