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Spoils of War Backpack

Basic Mod Info Page:

This replaces the default burnt backpack with a backpack made from bots!

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- Backpacks work for both genders, but the rest of the items are either male or female as of right now.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Can I play in multiplayer with people who did not install this mod?
Yes you can! But on their screen you will appear to be wearing the default burnt clothes rather than the modified new ones.

2) How do i restore back the default clothes?
Right now, if you didn't back them up first, you need to verify the game files via the game preferences in the steam library to restore all files to default. This will essentially safely uninstall ALL your mods.
In the future I may include the default clothes and faces along with this mod so that you can uninstall them without needing to back it up

Fawx also has some content on the Steam Workshop!
Game Version: 0.4.6


Downloads: 34
Rating: None ( 0 / 0 )
Tags: Fawx, survival, creative, challenge, character, backpack, farmbot, haybot, totebot, tapebot, war, spoils


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