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Fawx's Garment Package!


Replaces the default burnt outfit and the default face with new visual options for either male or female!

Female: Nosering and Earrings
Male: Tapebot's Eyepiece

Female: Pouch on shirt
Male: Exoarm Jacket

Female: Short Tool Jeans
Male: Mechanic's Tool Pants

Female: Wrist Mounted Connect Tool
Male: Farmbot Claw

Female: Woc Slippers
Male: Totebot Pegleg


Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Can I play in multiplayer with people who did not install this mod?

Yes you can! but on their screen you will appear to be wearing the default burnt clothes rather than the modified new ones.

2) How do i restore back the default clothes?

You need to verify the game files via the game preferences in the steam library to restore all files to default. This will essentially safely uninstall ALL your mods.
3 year(s) ago
Does this still work since the update? The reason I ask is I tried to install this the other day but came across an issue. After the install, if my character had the first face selected (male or female) it wouldn't show any face at all. It may have been user error so I'm going to try again today.


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