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GPS & Map Mod


(Survival + Creative)
Are you tired of getting lost in your world?
Do you wish you had an easy to use and craft GPS?
Introducing the GPS & Map Mod

How to use:
Go to your Craftbot and Craft an iMap
Left Click to Open
Read the description of the iMap on the button controls
1: Upgrade
2: Create Waypoint
3: Delete Waypoint
4: Clear all Waypoints
You can use WASD to move in iMap Mode
Left Click to Exit

iMap Levels:
You Can Upgrade the iMap by crafting Satellites and holding them in your inventory
Level Description Satellite Cost
1 Max Move Distance 500 free
2 Max Move Distance 750 1
3 Max Move Distance 1250 2
4 Max Move Distance 2000 4
5 Max Move Distance 3000 5

If you have questions, DM us on Discord at TheGuy920#1402 or NightmaresInd#0828 or join our discord server Map Mod Discord


v1.0.0: Base Release

*New customizable Interface (You can edit the images in u/Survival/Scripts/WayPoints/)
*Added custom Interface
*Custom animations, models, and icons
*Customizable Waypoint Icons (You can edit the images in u/Survival/Scripts/WayPoints/)
*Mostly works with multiplayer!
*Position now stays fixed to map coordinates
*Distance to WayPoints

v1.2.3: Fixed Dev Commands and updated the images / videos, ect

v1.2.6: Fixed Gui Scaling, Image Scaling, etc

v2.3.7: Added New Chat Commands


v3.4.7: Fixed Map Mod for 0.4.7, Added more waypoints, Updated Compass

*Chemicals waypoint
*Forrest waypoint
*Ruin Building waypoint
*Warehouse waypoint
*Packing Station waypoint
*Fruit Stand waypoint
*Mechanic Station waypoint
*Home waypoint
*Rock Formation waypoint
*Caged Farmers waypoint
*Ember Forrest waypoint

v3.6.8: Added tp ability in creative, Updated Compass, Updated Waypoints

v3.9.2: Added image button indicators, fixed dev commands, added "You Are Here", bug fixes, performance update, QLU (Quality of Life Update)

v4.2.0: Fixed Warhouse "bug" where you could see inside and see all of the tape bots

v5.3.2: Fixed Creative Mode and Multiplayer

v6.4.7: Fixed the entire damn mod because I broke it last update

v6.7.3: Fixed the entire damn mod because I left dev mode on in the last update


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Hope this is still safe to download, it's not been updated recently.

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