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Survival assets unlocker


This mod makes survival assets visible in tile builder ( it adds survival assets to the tile builder assets list). Other persons that will download your tiles made with this mod don't need to have this mod installed.

2 year(s) ago

2 year(s) ago

David 002
2 year(s) ago
I am so sorry, this mod is not stolen. How do I delete the comment I made earlier.
Get this mod, or mine. I don't care.

2 year(s) ago
the whole discussion about the mod being "stolen" is finished here is a link to this if you don't believe that my mod is not stolen:

David 002
2 year(s) ago
This is a stolen mod. Do not get this mod. Use mine (the original) at
As David 001 said on steam:
"That seems suspiciously exactly the same as my mod, just reuploaded.
How did you make it? It uses the exact same folders, the exact same file too, doesn't it?
You literately just reuploaded my mod.
You didn't even bother to unlock water assets.
I said don't reupload.
You reuploaded.
On a different site.
You should have just asked.
You could have made your own.
You disappoint me.

That's a stolen piece of code you have uploaded..."


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