What's Planned for 2020?


The New Plan
SMM is going to be a giant database of individual mod parts, assets, and then eventually custom packs of parts that are easily generated from these databases.
So the basic idea is mod makers will maintain their parts on a part-by-part basis, making it easier to update small changes over time.
Additionally, SMM will host blueprints and other game files. With blueprints having a list of UUIDs right in them, they can be used to generate a list of mod parts needed to load it in game (making long lists of many blueprints, very very easy to load)
SMM will also work towards additional tools to make things easier for everyone, for all things Scrap Mechanic!
The Backup Plan
Let's say everything goes wrong.. The bare minimum: this website is simply a copy of the steam workshop + other data folder mods. Offering Adsense opportunity for all who contribute to this website; and SMM is a great central location for all the various tools and scripts created by various people. All in all, this website will always have a purpose, even if it's not the one I specifically envisioned.
The End?
Alot of this is being created because it's become increasingly difficult for mod makers to make the stuff you guys like, and to keep it maintained. There aren't a lot of options when it comes to the Steam workshop, especially for those who collaborate on projects together.
Regardless of the outcome of this website (presumably it finishes being developed sometime in 2020), New plan or Backup plan; This will free a lot of time. I get SO busy with the Modpack updates, that I literally can't do anything else at times. There are lots of new parts I want to be making, and they simply can't exist on the Steam workshop so easily.
So I'm creating the easy solution for everyone (this website) just so I can get back to doing more productive things (like making video tutorials for other people to get into mod making, and making fancy tools and stuff + this takes off the pressure of a "famous modpack" and I can work on making new parts! one part at a time).


Will update this page as things progress, CURRENT TODO:
  • Initial style setup
  • Database transfer and setup
  • Remade login for new domain (beta is done)
  • Very basic page system for the creation of SMM
  • I tossed on what I thought might be fitting menu system on the left
  • Home, About, Giveaway, and this 2020 plan page
  • Started Profile Pages and user listing
  • Add Watergun Emoji to SMM website 🔫
  • Back end Database stuff for user accounts
  • Settings page (where you guys enter Adsense codes and other custom stuff for SMM)
  • Completion of phase 1 for SMM, basic user accounts setup
  • Begin setup for parts database, assets database, and then modpacks database
  • Upload
  • Search
  • Begin database work for Modpack Generator, tools, and other content that comes from having all that info just sitting there in the other databases
  • Phase 2 for profiles (links to mods and stuff you posted)
  • Additional language natively supported
  • How to page? (intro for total noobs to both SM and mods)
This isn't exactly a "full" todo list, I just typed this out to get a starting point

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